Underneath, there’s gold

The Vines – The winnig days are gone

shirt, overknee socks, belt : h&m
jacket, skirt : c&a
shoes : deichmann
purse : vintage


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15 Kommentare

  1. ooh 🙂 Love it sooo much! The subtle touch of autumn of your outfit, over that rich tons of light green and reds, makes this photos so special… it feels like you had imagined this outfit to this particular scenery… it was? Btw, I really enjoyed the over the knee socks detail, and I love your bag to death!

  2. Hi, it,s really such a pity that I didn,t get an e-mail from you, actually I did but I checked another mail, that,s so stupid of me.. Anyway, I hope that it was not my last trip to Wiesbaden 🙂
    I absolutely adore your purse as I,m a hige fan of vintage things, they,re always so charming and unique 🙂

  3. Natalia!

    you are a gift to Germany, Blah! to men and women, I hope to meet you one day in the flesh,
    these photoes are what the mind is exhiled between the concrete and the ephemral, I despise
    the surreal (humans commit suicide on paths like those everyday by the river where I live)

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