Out and about at the beach in Santa Marinella


Hello, everyone! This time I’m going to make you travel to Italy again! It’s already the third post about Belpaese but I’m not quite done yet 🙂 Despite the fact that The Simplest Tastes is actually a fashion blog, I really like posting photos of my travels, especially when I’m satisfied with them. During my holidays I wasn’t in the mood for taking outfit pictures, so that’s why I took even more photos of the wonderful surroundings in the small towns of Santa Severa and Santa Marinella which are also located on the coast of Lazio near Civitavecchia and Rome. Enjoy the blue skies and the sea, everything azzurro like Celentano’s song!

Adriano Celentano – Azzurro

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Out and about in Civitavecchia, Italy


Hello, dear readers! Here is my second long-promised post about my holidays in Italy from last year. This time you’ll see the region of central Lazio and the city of Civitavecchia which is most known for its harbour but also has some lovely spots in the historical centre. On your way there you are going to encouter cats, seagulls, flowers and obviously people, too!

IMG_2806 IMG_2824 IMG_2827IMG_2833IMG_2839IMG_2808IMG_2811IMG_2849IMG_2962IMG_2971IMG_2968IMG_2864IMG_2867IMG_2975 IMG_2974 IMG_2982 IMG_2981 IMG_2990 IMG_2999 IMG_2998IMG_2882IMG_2879IMG_2875

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Ciao, bella! Out and about in Rome


Ah, the summer holidays, how short and how beautiful! Who doesn’t love them? These photos were taken during my day trip in Rome, the ancient city built on seven hills whose glorious past and present was established by the Romans. My goal was not only to take a stroll in the busy streets but also to see the elegant Villa Giulia, a villa which used to be a papal residence but was then turned into a museum for Etruscan art in the early 20th century. The painted walls, the gorgeous courtyard and the lovely garden are located within this building and can be accessed by anyone. It’s an easy way to find peace and quiet amid the noises of the capital. Other photos were taken in the historical center on my way to the train station to another place I’m going to talk about very soon, so stay tuned! Ciao, tutti!

Domenico Modugno -Volare


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