Out and about at the beach in Santa Marinella


Hello, everyone! This time I’m going to make you travel to Italy again! It’s already the third post about Belpaese but I’m not quite done yet 🙂 Despite the fact that The Simplest Tastes is actually a fashion blog, I really like posting photos of my travels, especially when I’m satisfied with them. During my holidays I wasn’t in the mood for taking outfit pictures, so that’s why I took even more photos of the wonderful surroundings in the small towns of Santa Severa and Santa Marinella which are also located on the coast of Lazio near Civitavecchia and Rome. Enjoy the blue skies and the sea, everything azzurro like Celentano’s song!

Adriano Celentano – Azzurro

IMG_3019 IMG_3021IMG_3030IMG_3038IMG_3013IMG_3022IMG_3048IMG_3044IMG_3025IMG_3001IMG_3011IMG_3063 IMG_2881IMG_3075IMG_3081IMG_3069

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