Gold rush

This time I would like to show you a few different things, both beauty and accessories I acquired some time ago and what all of them have in common is the gold colour. Among them is a mask I brought from Venice last year, my favourite scent „Marc Jacobs Perfume“, a flower ring, an eyeliner and a nail polish I bought two days ago, which actually inspired me to make this post.
However, there is another reason why I picked this wonderful mask – as you might know, in some parts of the world carnival is celebrated these days, which is also the case in Germany. The biggest processions take place in the cities situated on the Rhine river, Cologne and Mainz, reaching their high point tomorrow. The day is therefore called here „Fastnachtsmontag“. „Fastnacht“ is the word used by the inhabitants of Mainz whereas in the rest of Germany people refer to it as „Karneval“ or „Fasching“.
Is there any similar celebration in the place where you live?

And my cat Susi who was present during the shoot.

mask: from an artisan shop in Venice / perfume: Marc Jacobs Perfume / ring: six / nail polish, eyeliner: Catrice / eyepencil: Oriflame / eyeshadow: alverde / lipgloss: Manhattan

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19 Kommentare

  1. Yeah, Fasching! Unfortunately, it’s not common to celebrate it in Austria. But, anyway, I’m going to have Venezianische Krapfen and some fun in the city. I wish I were somewhere in Köln. Are you going to celebrate actually?

    1. I celebrate, but not always, like once in four years 🙂 There are too many drunken people around the town, this is what I dislike about carnival, but I think it’s fun if you party with the right people. I am not familiar with Venezianische Krapfen, is it like Berliner or Berliner Pfannkuchen?
      You can write in German, btw 😉
      Bis bald!

  2. tolle Bilder und wirklich süße Katze! 🙂 Zu deiner Frage auf meinem Blog… ja die Haare haben jetzt am Oberkopf einen leichten Rotstrich (komisch sollte eigentlich braun sein) Wäscht sich aber wieder raus…

    xx Daisy

  3. This is a very pretty photo shoot, and I adore your collection of pretty things! I like the mask, there’s something beautiful about it, and very mysterious… your cat is a cutie too, and, by the way, I also like Marc Jacob parfums! I used to have this original scent you have, and now I am so loving the Daisy by Marc Jacobs! 🙂
    Good luck!

  4. love the msk and the ring and the whole idea of shots is very nice but… Suzi totally made forget everything as she’s the cuttest!
    sorry it took so long to come back to your blog, shame on me (I totally lost the link!). I followed you on bloglovin to let it happen again!

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